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A short Residency

As a full-time Musician Gigs have to make since to your wallet. at the same time you have to be willing to take a risk for better Payout. Whether its more shows, connections, sponsorships or meeting and networking with other musicians.

Back in April i answered an open call for entertainment at a venue 5 hrs away. I filled out my application and was swiftly greeted with a welcome response. I chose the date of my audition and waited patiently for the day.

On the Day of i got up at and left my house at 2am so i could make my 8am audition. it seemed like id never get there but I did Just in the nick of time. There were already a handful of musicians there warming up and getting into their proper headspace. I had the benefit of having already been up for a few hours so i wasn't worried. every one lined up backstage and we waited our turn. everyone was surprisingly nice. Most music scenes or acting auditions the participants aren't really friendly. The competition was stiff hundreds of people auditioning for 20 spots. I just went up there and did what I do. A few weeks later i received my acceptance letter. i was excited.

My first show I dove to the venue it was 5hrs there and 5hrs back for a 2hr show which was crazy. I mixed a little of Motown with Woodstock and it absolutely Killed. Its never the same show twice so playing once or twice a week i challenged myself to give a different performance each time while maintaining the attention of the audience.

For the next 4 months I flew to Dallas once or twice a week and it was a great break from the scene in San Antonio(which i love) its good to go see new places and make fans outside of you home venues.

It was great while it lasted but unfortunately Someone made the owner an offer that he couldn't refuse. and like all good things it came to an end. I don't feel bad for me but there were some musicians that played that same gig every week for 5 years. Those are really the ones who lost out, I'm just grateful I made the cut and got to perform while I did.

One thing all of this traveling has done for me was introduce me to some great ppl and very talented musicians. It also made me comfortable to the idea of traveling long distance for shows and thanks to my brief residency I'm now playing all over the country. I cannot wait to see you in your city

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